Kyle Kinsel

Founding Board Member

Kyle is living the example of creative and outside the box thinking that comes with dyslexia. As a child growing up in Houston, he experienced regular frustration at reading and learning in school. Kyle credits his parents with their unwavering support and imparting a keen understanding that his dyslexia didn’t define who he was, or what he could achieve in life. His father, also a dyslexic, led him by example to persevere and develop grit; two qualities which have led to Kyle’s success in business. With a passion for education and giving back to the community, Kinsel is invested in changing public awareness and a solution for early identification of dyslexia for today’s youth.

Kyle is an accomplished entrepreneur and developer with a strong track record for building successful companies from the ground up and growing them into some of the largest companies in the Texas oil field, construction, and logistics markets. Some the companies founded or co-founded by Kyle include Coastal Crushed Concrete, Frac Resources, LLC (now Twin Eagle Sand Logistics), and Breakwater Energy Services. He currently serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ruckit Inc, his most recent venture. Under Mr. Kinsel’s leadership, Ruckit has developed the first-ever mobile application trucking platform for niche industry trucking markets to share from a pool of independent trucks (collaborative platform for specialized trucking) and is considered the leader in the space. Today he is focused on new infrastructure projects in rail, trucking, water pipeline, real estate and the technological efficiencies to make them more profitable assets. Kinsel currently resides in Austin, Texas where he continues to develop new business ventures and developing technology to make them profitable.