Serenity Owens

Co-Founder & Strategic Consultant

Serenity was fortunate to have her dyslexia remediated in primary school. She managed through High School, Grinnell College, and The H. John Heinz School of Public Policy and Management of Carnegie Mellon University academically performing below her cognitive potential.

Serenity became a social venture entrepreneur, leveraging her pattern recognition, creativity, and active learning skills, all gifts of dyslexia, to create organizations to effect social and cultural change. Impact Dyslexia is Serenity’s third time as founding executive director of a nonprofit, having helped to launch the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Central Texas and The Austin Parks Foundation. She also spent 10 years coaching major donors, nonprofit leaders, and social venture entrepreneurs. Her proven track record of pairing high impact entrepreneurs with high impact causes is the winning combination for mandating change in the system that presently keeps Americans with dyslexia from accessing their full potential.

Serenity lives in Austin, Texas with her two children who both have dyslexia.