Impact Dyslexia — A New Kind of Dyslexia Non-Profit

We are a group of successful adult dyslexics and parents of dyslexic students in Austin, Texas working to form a new non-profit to create new, broadly impactful approaches to helping dyslexics reach their amazing potential.

Impact:Dyslexia is just getting off the ground and has some ambitious goals including:

  • Creating highly effective, inexpensive and scalable programs to identify dyslexics, with an emphasis on children (as young as possible)
  • Creating highly effective, inexpensive and scalable programs to de-stigmatize dyslexia and give dyslexics the emotional support necessary to live up to their amazing potential, with an emphasis on students and those that have fallen through the cracks like dropouts, prisoners and the homeless
  • Developing effective methods to leverage successful dyslexic adults as mentors/role models for younger dyslexics and as donors
  • Developing effective programs to inspire dyslexics into entrepreneurship

And, in the process, create the highest profile and most impactful dyslexia non-profit in the country among both the dyslexic community and the broader population.


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